Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Release 0.28

Today we're releasing 0.28, which has a new (and faster) graphing framework, new currencies based on your votes, and some general improvements:

  • Added Darkcoin (DRK), Vericoin (VRC) and Nxt (NXT) cryptocurrencies
  • Added Danish Krona (DKK) and Indian Rupee (INR) fiat currencies
  • Rewrote the graphing framework to be faster and easier to maintain
    • This graphing framework has been tested live over the last few weeks, and seems to be working fine
    • But please let us know if you find any weird bugs!
  • Added simple currency pair graphs for all exchange pairs
  • Graphs can now be refreshed manually by clicking on the "last updated" label
  • Disabled Dogechain Pool,, and Shibe Pool mining pools
  • Notifications can now be individually disabled and enabled
  • Automatic transactions generation have been disabled, but can be re-enabled per account through your wizards
  • You can now have multiple named offsets for each currency, which replaces the previous single offsets wizard:
  • Fixed DOGE and VTC address balances not updating
  • Updated supported currencies from Crypto-Trade, and other exchanges
  • Various other bug fixes and usability improvements

If there is another exchange or mining pool that you would like to see added to CryptFolio, please let us know.