Saturday, November 22, 2014

Release 0.30

Today we're releasing 0.30, which adds some new currencies, accounts and interface features:

  • Added NuBits (NBT) and NuShares (NSR) cryptocurrencies
  • Added BitNZ exchange accounts
  • Added BTER exchange tickers
  • Disabled BTCInve security exchange
  • Your wizards will now display the current balances for each of your accounts
  • Graphs can now display two years of data, in both your reports and historical data:
  • Updated list of Give Me Coins supported currencies
  • Updated supported currencies from Poloniex, Vault of Satoshi, ANXPRO, Bittrex,, Crypto-Trade, Kraken and Cryptsy exchanges
  • Various other bug fixes and usability improvements

We're also participating in Bitcoin Black Friday - this Friday only, get 75% off CryptFolio premium accounts!

If there is another exchange or mining pool that you would like to see added to CryptFolio, please let us know.

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