Friday, March 20, 2015

Release 0.34

Today we're releasing 0.34, which cleans up a lot of outdated accounts and exchanges, moves our mining pool account framework into a new component, and fixes a number of outstanding issues:
  • Now uses the openclerk/mining-pools project for implementing mining pool accounts
  • Added some basic ticker APIs
  • Disabled 50BTC, CoinHuntr, DedicatedPool ElitistJerks, HashFaster FTC,,, MiningForeman,, MuPool, Nut2Pools,,, Team Doge and WeMineFTC mining pools
  • Disabled Crypto-Trade exchange ticker
  • Disabled VirtEx exchange ticker
  • Fixed Kraken exchange ticker not updating and displaying incorrect values
  • Fixed missing Cryptsy exchange ticker historical graphs
  • Cryptsy historical graphs now display last trade, rather than bid/ask, due to API limitations
  • Fixed issue with some users' summary graphs and Cryptsy graphs not updating
  • Refreshed historical market averages data for the last three weeks
  • External projects now include a link to the relevant GitHub repository, so you can immediately help or contribute
  • The status of openclerk dependencies is now available and updated automatically
  • Various other bug fixes and usability improvements
If there is another exchange or mining pool that you would like to see added to CryptFolio, please let us know

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