Monday, April 27, 2015

Release 0.35

Today we're releasing 0.35, which adds OAuth2 login, and moves our exchange wallets account framework into a new component.
NOTE: Google has removed OpenID authentication, and now only supports OAuth2. You should be automatically upgraded when you next login, and you can manage your OAuth2 identities through your user profile. If you have any issues with login, please let us know.
  • Now uses the openclerk/wallets project for implementing exchange wallet accounts
  • Coinbase wallet implementation is provided with openclerk/coinbase
  • Now uses the openclerk/users project for implementing user authentication and signup
  • Added OAuth2 login support with Google Accounts, Facebook and GitHub
  • Added automatic migration of Google OpenID accounts to Google OAuth2 accounts - you will need to login again
  • Removed OpenID login support from Google Accounts
  • Accounts can now have multiple OAuth2 identities
  • Disabled the Crypto-Trade exchange
  • Disabled the Vault of Satoshi exchange
  • Migrated the JustCoin exchange to the new ANX-based infrastructure
  • Fixed job execution server not clearing out old jobs which had timed out
  • Improvements to the build scripts
  • Various other bug fixes and usability improvements
If there is another exchange or mining pool that you would like to see added to CryptFolio, please let us know.

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